We started in 2011 in Melbourne from the humble beginnings of our garage. Since then 100,000+ customers have experienced our products and 94% are "highly likely" to recommend us.

Our passion is developing the best products for seniors combined with exceptional service. We do this through collecting regular feedback about our products and experience so we can continuously improve. We stand behind our products with our 60 day money back guarantee and extended 2 year warranty. 


A letter from our founder

Hey there,

Thanks for visiting our online store today and being interested to learn more about who we are. Below is the story of our history since 2011 when we started until now.


Starting out in 2011 from our garage

Our history goes back to 2011, when I first started selling goods online from my parents garage in Melbourne. I was someone that didn’t like online shopping because of how frustrating and disappointing the experience was. I wanted to change that by developing better products, becoming specialists in them as well as providing faster turnaround times for customer service and shipping. So customers could get what they wanted, when they wanted it.



The shelving and tubs from Bunnings used in our garage to store stock in the early days, before we moved into a proper warehouse. 



Pivoting to big button products

Our first business sold the easiest to use universal remote controls for televisions and air conditioners. I actually first discovered the unmet needs of users with low vision and seniors in this business, when we often received requests for remote controls that had bigger buttons. So we introduced a new product range remote controls with big buttons and text. Then in 2015 I hired our first employee (outside of my wonderful family members that would help to pack orders) and expanded into New Zealand and then the UK.


The inspiration from my Nan

I had been aware of the impact technology could have on making someone feel connected to the world for a while by this time. Many years earlier before smart phones, I had bought my Nan a computer for Christmas and taught her how to use it. I saw the impact first hand this had by "opening up a whole new world" through being able to stay more in touch with friends and family.



My Nan and I in 2016 on a trip from Melbourne, stopping over in Dubai, to visit our international operations. 



Pivoting to mobile phones when no one else was considering the needs of seniors

Then in 2016 the 2G mobile phone network was shutdown. Most phones for seniors only operated on the 2G network and would stop working. The big phone companies didn’t think to make 3G phones for seniors and users with low vision that had big buttons and were simple to use. Knowing how important being connected was for my nan and how important big buttons were for many users, I decided to launch a business selling mobile phones with big buttons.


And developing products based on your feedback

Over the past 12 years, we listened to everyones feedback and continued to improve our products. We ask for feedback from every enquiry and purchase - at the point of purchase, after delivery and again once customers have had time to use our products. I personally review all feedback, to identify ways we can improve our product and service. We usually make 20+ improvements with every new production run we do based on the feedback we receive. From doing this over the years we strongly believe (and as you can see in our reviews) we have developed the best mobile phone for seniors. Even this page came about because one of our repeat customers suggested adding more information about us onto our website (thanks Fiona!).



One of many brainstorming sessions. Where we came up with 45 ideas for how to improve our next mobile phone model, based on your feedback.



New product innovation and retail partners

We have also since launched new complimentary products like our XL reminder clock. It has been extremely popular and loved with 94% of customers saying they are highly likely to recommend this product to a friend. And we are very excited that it is now stocked as the exclusive reminder clock in all Vision Australia stores around Australia.



Our XL Reminder Clock on display at Vision Australia HQ, and also available in all Vision Australia stores across Australia.



The team is now a lot larger and I couldn't do it without them, especially given we have been lucky enough to reach 100,000+ customers. I hope that you will join our customers in experiencing our products and service. If you have any feedback please share it with us so we can continue improving.